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Dear friends and readers,

cover_inasmallcompass_1It has finally happened: My first book, In a Small Compass – Vol. 1, was published on November 30, 2016 as a multi-format ebook by Smashwords. As many of you may know, the book comprises my first 15 (optimised!) short stories. I hope you’ll take time to check it out at Smashwords, where you can download the book for free.

In a Small Compass – Vol. 1 is available at many retailers. Mobi format is available at Smashwords.

Buy/download links:

I am looking forward to your feedback and reviews.  🙂

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Before you become a writer, you’re a reader. Over the years, certain genres become your favourites. If you are a technical author (like me), you write what you have to write about. This really isn’t difficult if you learned how to write for certain reader groups.

When I started writing for the fun of it, I soon realised that my favourite reading genres are not necessarily my favourite writing genres. Nearly two years ago, I started testing. This confirmed that I preferred long stories – at least novella length. Genre-wise I surprised myself: It isn’t crime I love to write about. My tendency is more or less urban fantasy and/or contemporary with a minimum touch of fantasy or crime.

My test phase resulted in this blog. It is obvious that there are short stories and flash fiction. I disliked short stories in the past – they were all rather disappointing. This changed when I read the first short stories by Jessica West and Karen Soutar. Reading their works made me write my own short stories. I learned how immensely difficult it is to write a short story. Due to a full-time job, it is not easy to regularly write a short story. If you have read my ’10 Statements’, you know that I am inspired by nearly everything. I am often inspired by Erin Waldie or her siblings’ photos (e.g. for ‘Hawk at the Harbour’ or ‘Golden Bliss’).

Then I stumbled upon  Flash Fiction Friday. If I liked the prompt and dragon’s bidding – I participated. 150 words (+/- 10) is even trickier than a short story.

This was my contribution for “Flash! Friday-Vol 2 – 24“.

These were the requirements:

***Today’s Dragon’s Bidding (required element to incorporate somewhere in your story; does not need to be the exact word unless instructed to do so, e.g. “include the word “arrears’”):


***Today’s Prompt:


I really liked that! Inspiration led to ‘FF: Neighbors!’.

Thanks to Elaine Canham‘s comment “I liked the message stuck on the cactus. Trouble is, I want to know more.” I knew that I also wanted more.  😀

Suddenly I was writing a flash fiction series. And I loved every bit along the way. I didn’t plan ahead. Sometimes inspiration struck, I noted this for the upcoming instalment.

In addition to all my writing, I read lots of books this year. One of these books had an admirable protagonist: I ‘met’ Lisa Burton while reading ‘Wild Concept’ by C. S. Boyack. I was impressed, she just had to be declared my book character of the year. Craig, her creator often writes about the writing cabin and – Lisa ( I once commented to someone else that it’s a pity that Craig is writing his own fan fiction. Craig told me to give it a go and I decided to let Lisa support Sheriff Jim Burrell.

Regarding fan fiction, you need to know that I didn’t really like it too much – until reading Topaz Winters‘ awesome fan fiction on Sherlock Holmes.

2014 was an important year for my writing. I learned a lot by reading and keeping an open mind. Thanks to you all, dear readers and/or commenters, this year was truly inspiring.