Oh. My. Dog! #58

Posted: February 13, 2021 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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I had decided to get to the station by bike, considering it more comfortable for Rob to be picked up by one man and a dog. Paul had updated Jones on the way, asking him to let me stay at his side to watch and listen in on Rob’s interview. As Jones related this request to my being Bud’s owner, he did not object.

When Paul entered the interrogation room with Rob – and Bud, I was sorry to see how small and vulnerable Rob looked. ‘The born scapegoat.’ sprang to my mind.

“Have a seat, Rob.” Bud led Rob to a chair while Paul brought two glasses of sparkling water to the table. Rob’s hands were shaking so badly that he had to seize the glass with both hands. Bud whimpered and laid his head on Rob’s lap. Rob immediately relaxed and Paul started with some harmless questions. When he mentioned Lady Barker-Worthington, Rob’s face lightened up. “She’s my favourite aunt; she’s always nice to me, she offered me the job as her gardener’s assistant as she knows that I love plants.”

“So, you are glad to work for her.”

“I am. And I wanted to give her something in return.”



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