Oh. My. Dog! #57

Posted: January 4, 2021 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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What Bud showed me was sad; Rob suffered constant humiliation when the only thing he wanted was ‘to belong’. I wanted to tell the others what I had seen, but Bud pressed his paw harder. I saw two men approaching Rob, patting him on the shoulder, smiling, buying him a beer. Bud’s and my eyes met; I nodded, and he dropped his paw.

Turning around, I said: “There is something you must see, Paul.”

Bud trotted over and laid his paw on Paul’s knee. A minute later, Paul fondled Bud’s ears, seemingly feeling as blue as I did.

“We need to interrogate this young man carefully. He has not been treated all too well in the past; the ‘bad guys’ tricked him by offering their friendship and a rare plant to get his support. It is the real culprits we will have to find.”


Jones called as we finished our coffee. He had some notes about Rob’s having been beaten up repeatedly, without ever identifying the responsible parties – other than that, his name had not appeared in the research.

Paul decided to pick Rob up. “Let Bud and me come with you; a dog to cuddle might be what makes him relax – and talk.”

  1. Haven’t seen one of these for a while. Glad to have you back.

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