Oh. My. Dog! #51

Posted: October 21, 2018 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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While we were talking, Mr Cairns hat quietly joined us at the table. When I started explaining Bud’s finding, he got really excited.

“We know that they checked if they could enter the premises without getting caught! That they wore gloves is annoying; on the other hand, the mud has effectively destroyed all possible evidence.”

“Another question is how to prove it. We cannot tell anybody about Bud’s gift.”
Lynx agreed with me. She stared at the mirror, taking in how it was attached to the stick. Frowning, she grabbed a napkin and lifted the mirror for a closer look, turning it in different angles. You could have heard a pin drop when she finally smiled into the round.

“We’ve got ourselves a clue!”

She pointed at the initials C.E.B.W. “This belongs to Charlotte Elisabeth Barker-Worthington. She might have given it to a friend.”

“It might have been stolen – or even donated.”

I had hardly finished talking when Bud laid his paw on my knee. I recognised the young man from the other vision. “Is this Charlotte?”

Bud went over to Lynx. “Yes, that’s her.”

Mr Cairns sighed, “The Barker-Worthingtons are difficult. We need to plan our approach with care.”

  1. macjam47 says:

    “The Barker-Worthingtons are difficult” makes me wonder how difficult? Cantankerous? Mean? Evil? Dangerous? I guess I’ll have to wait to find out. 😊

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