Oh. My. Dog! #50

Posted: October 7, 2018 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Mrs Cairns busied herself with creating mouth-watering sandwiches while her husband treated us to fresh coffee. When our landlady finally took her seat I realised how rattled she was. I looked at Lynx expectantly. “All right, I tell you what happened.”

We arrived before the plant nursery opened. Together with further customers – all preparing for the garden show – we waited to be let through the gate. At first, everything seemed to be as it should be. Then we entered the hall where they keep their rare conifer transplants – and two-thirds of them were gone! The owners were devastated. As they were about to ring the police, another customer approached them with bad news: their newly bred tricolour rose liners had vanished as well!”

Mrs Cairns sobbed and her husband hurried to hug her.

One of the police officers assumed insurance fraud, especially as the Pride of Britain is priceless. A few minutes later, they found evidence that steered their minds in a different direction. There were traces of tyres and shoes; apparently, the suspects had tried to erase the clues only half-heartedly.”

I interrupted her flow. “They may have been interrupted – maybe they heard something unexpected that made them rush!”

  1. macjam47 says:

    And you just left us hanging there!

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