Oh. My. Dog! #47

Posted: February 18, 2018 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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All of a sudden I felt worn out, therefore I accepted Mr Cairns’ offer for a ride. Jones promised to return my bicycle the early afternoon.

It was a relief to snuggle into the front passenger seat. I stole a glance at Mr Cairns’ profile – he wasn’t exhausted, just thoughtful.

I woke with a start as Mr Cairns stopped in the driveway. I wondered if Mrs Cairns was all right, she had been way too pale earlier. When we stepped into the kitchen, my landlady’s cheeks had a more natural colour. She intently watched as Lynx drew a mindmap and explained its content.

Mr Cairns watched his wife with a loving smile. She stood and he took her in his arms. “Everything is fine, my dear.”

What about you, Ken?” Lynx wanted to know, her voice devoid of fear.

Awfully tired, otherwise great.” I suppressed a yawn.

Lynx grinned. “Time for a nap, it seems.”

I waved at Mr Cairns, knowing that he was about to tell his wife a mild version of the events.

Lynx half-carried me home. I fell on the bed, oblivious of Lynx and Bud’s leaving for a quick walk, and their return a while later.


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