Oh. My. Dog! #42

Posted: June 11, 2017 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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After the news, Mr Cairns cleared his throat. “Let’s not jump to conclusions. Why should they have robbed a jeweller in broad daylight? This was out of their league.”

Lynx spoke first. “What if they were only coincidentally there? They might have stolen the car, seen the police in that street, and – they simply panicked.”

You mean that they were simply fleeing from their own crime scene?”

It was my turn. “If they panicked in front of an officer, their license plate would have been noted.”

Mr Cairns drew in his breath. “Exactly! I’ll set Jones onto this; the poor lad has the night shift. He also needs to verify the possible routes from the site of the car theft to the jeweller’s street.”

We returned to the kitchen as Mr Cairns talked to Jones. His wife busied herself with the coffee-maker while I rinsed our mugs for a refill.

When Mr Cairns returned to the kitchen, he seemed slightly upset. “Several cars made U-turns when seeing the police presence. None of the plates was noted down. It’s a dead end.”

Bud indicated the robbery for a reason!”

As if on cue, Bud laid his paw on Mr Cairns’ knee.

  1. macjam47 says:

    And the suspense builds!

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