Oh. My. Dog! #36

Posted: December 11, 2016 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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We left Mrs Cairns and James in animated conversation; they didn’t seem to notice that we were gone.

I unlocked my door, instantly revealing the whole flat. Compared to Lynx’s accommodation it was tiny, completely furnished by my landlords.

I grabbed two bottles of sparkling water and switched on the coffee machine.

This is nice. Like a lottery win, having your own ‘house’, a landlady like Mrs Cairns…”

You cannot complain about your flat, Lynx!”

Lynx clenched her fists. “I know, it’s mine. Do you know why? My father didn’t like my lifestyle. He bought that flat in my name, left me 18 000 £, telling me to never contact him again!”

Bud laid his paw on my knee. I saw a graveyard, and an inscription. ‘Final battle’ was often used for patients who did not survive cancer.

Bud’s eyes locked with mine. He seemed to ask if he should show it to Lynx as well. I nodded, edging closer to her. She gasped on seeing the images, unshed tears started running freely. I held her, Bud snuggled close; Lynx’s finally taking a deep breath ended our group hug.

Could you please come with me to the cemetery? I can’t do that alone.”

  1. Flash365 says:

    Nothing more comforting than a dog. Second only to mothers. Well written.

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