Oh. My. Dog! #32

Posted: July 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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We can cross off Andrew Drake; and Eileen Rivers cannot walk without crutches. This seems to be a dead end, Ken.”

I was disappointed. Perhaps the ghost gardener had not admired the rose-bush, yet.

Did your friend find you, Ken?”

Mrs Cairns’ innocent question threw me off-balance. Bud lay his paw on my knee. I saw a guy about my age, I was sure I never met him. He was standing next to Mrs Cairns and – her rose-bush.

I told him you were at university, he said he’d find you.”

Thank you, Mrs Cairns.” I felt no need to explain that I didn’t know him.

+++ +++ +++

Bud’s and my extended Saturday bike tour ended at the Yorkshire Terrier Pub. I was looking forward to a Ghost Ale, secretly hoping to meet Lynx. I was not disappointed.

Ghost Ale and water on the way!”

The pub was still empty and Lynx seized the opportunity for a hug and a chat. I told her about the ghost gardener. She listened intently.

Wow! We need to find that guy! My shift ends at eight. Why don’t you guys come over to my place?” Her dazzling smile included Bud, her kiss was just for me.

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