Oh. My. Dog! #31

Posted: June 28, 2016 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Saturday morning started with my ringing phone. “It’s breakfast time, Ken!”

Ten minutes later, Bud and I trotted over to the house. Mr Cairns stood in the open front door – a little impatient, yet grinning. “The wife is in a creative mood.” He was right; delicious smells wafted from the kitchen.

+++ +++ +++

We tucked into the delicacies; Mrs Cairns had once again outdone herself. She was the first to put away her cutlery. “The rose bush, who did this? It is actually a blessing that it has been turned at that angle, I just don’t feel comfortable that someone sneaked in and did it.”

Mr Cairns cleared his throat. “This ghost gardener is pretty active. We monitored some of the gardens – to no avail, though.”

This made sense. Why should this gardener return? Unless…

The ghost gardener is an expert; the main reason for returning would be to admire the achieved improvement. Did you have any uncommon guests – interested in your garden?”

Eileen Rivers, she was interested in the herb garden. And Andrew Drake stopped by, asking advice for his slug and snail problem.”

Mr Cairns’ face reddened, “Andrew Drake?!”

Bud lay his paw on our landlord’s knee. Mr Cairns chuckled.


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