Oh. My. Dog! #28

Posted: March 20, 2016 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Lynx guided me to the room, even staying for Professor Darmody’s lecture. Afterwards she grabbed my hand, showing me some short-cuts on the way to the next class. One glance at my timetable sufficed to memorize it. I felt overwhelmed by all the faces, rooms – everything.

Trust me, the other first-year students feel the same.”

We were having coffee and I nearly choked over my cucumber sandwich. I had hoped she wouldn’t notice.

Don’t you worry, Ken. Two weeks from now, you’ll be quite at home on these premises.”

We quietly continued eating; thankfully it was not an awkward silence and I finally relaxed.

Lynx walked met to my next class-room, kissed me on the threshold, “See you tomorrow.” and strode down the hall. She still had the rose; its head peeked out of her bag.

On my way home, the rush hour required my full attention. Stopping at the garden entrance, I could hear Mrs Cairns talking. Curious, I left my bicycle, following her voice. She and Bud were in front of her favourite rosebush.

You see, Bud… This does not make any sense.”

Bud looked up at her, as if urging her to continue.

“This bush has been tampered with.”


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