Oh. My. Dog! #24

Posted: December 19, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Pedalling home, I was pretty sure that Mr Cairns and his team would not rest until they had caught the kidnapper. I could only hope that they’d find the girl unharmed.

At home, I opened a tin of his favourite food for Bud – he gobbled it down without a sidewards glance. I needed a coffee, luckily my machine was set to ‘huge and strong’. The delicious scent was comforting and inspiring; my favourite beverage helped me think about what to tell Mrs Cairns.

After rinsing my mug and Bud’s bowl, we headed to our landlady’s door. She opened the door before I could knock.

Mr Cairns sends his regards. He and his team are following a fresh lead.”

Mrs Cairns’ lips trembled, then she smiled and waved us inside.

I know that he won’t stop until the culprit is caught. I just hope that he will live to see his retirement party in a few months.”

I was at a loss for words; Bud nudged Mrs Cairns’ hand, making her smile. She led us into the kitchen, proudly announcing ‘Vegetarian Yorkshire Pudding’ and cherry pie.

I keep telling my husband to eat healthier – and thanks to you, he finally tries.”


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