Oh. My. Dog! #23

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Trish stared at her empty paper cup. Her lower lip trembled, a tear rolled down her cheek. Bud laid his head in her lap. She fondled his ears, mumbling something intelligible.

Sorry, I didn’t get that!”

Carl. His name is Carl Bishop. He is a former colleague of uncle James. They used to hang out after work, for a pint or for a game of darts. He lost his job and started getting some weird ideas. Uncle James couldn’t take this, applied for a new job and relocated to York. Everything seemed fine – until last month. Carl found us, still without a job, still a nut-case. Suddenly he stood at the school gates, forcing me to show me our new home.”

A knock on the door interrupted Trish’s story. I went to the door, receiving two cups of water and Mr Cairns’ whispered instructions.

I returned to the table, we drank.

What happened then?”

Trish continued her story, including a description of Carl Bishop’s car. I was appalled. What a despicable man!

Mr Cairns entered and thanked Trish profusely, guiding her outside to her waiting aunt; afterwards he sent us home to calm down Mrs Cairns and keep her company.

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Hi Karen. It’s been a while. Any new Oh,My.Dog episodes coming up any time soon?

  2. December says:

    I like your writing style

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