He was and wasn’t there

Posted: October 31, 2015 in Magic

No, it didn’t take place on October 31. It was a warm and sunny Sunday and – a crowd had gathered to celebrate a baptism. I was in the last row – crowd-watching and inwardly longing for a coffee. The noise behind me indicated a latecomer. I turned as the creaking didn’t stop. There was no one in sight. After a short break, the creaking steps came from the left. There was an older man, singing along with the choir. He didn’t seem to notice the sounds right around him – or from him?

During a break, I told one of the attendees about the strange sounds, asking if someone close to the family had just died. He confirmed it. “Did you see someone?”

As I wasn’t sure about the older man, I asked the paranormal expert, what the deceased looked like. The answer made it clear that the older man was a normal attendee.

The deceased was very fond of the baptised child’s father. Perhaps he wanted to see the little guy at least one time and be there for the little one’s father.

“Don’t tell him,” the expert said. “He doesn’t believe in stuff like that.”

I guess that the deceased knew about our friends mindset and – wanted to be heard by at least one person.

It wasn’t frightening – just strange.

  1. macjam47 says:

    I’m sure he was there.

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