Oh. My. Dog! #18

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Mr Cairns was suddenly in a hurry. Informing his team about Trish, gulping down the last drips of his coffee, smacking a kiss on his wife’s cheek took only seconds.

Mrs Cairns sighed. “Six months until retirement, I pray for a little peace. It’s about time for him to settle down and enjoy life.” Shaking her head, she started collecting the dishes and I excused myself, leaving Bud with her for company.

When I returned in the afternoon, having spent an exciting first day at York University, Mrs Cairns was her usual cheerful self. “We have been for a walk! Bud is such a darling.”

Bud wagged his tail, grinning.

Have a pleasant evening, Mrs Cairns.”

As Bud was hungry, I filled his bowl, deciding to grab a bite as well. My mother being the queen of vegetarian sandwiches, I always knew what to combine on my sandwich.

An hour later, I decided it was time for some evening drinks. Bud’s eyes gleamed with anticipation as I grabbed my keys – he just loved to keep up with my bicycle. 25 minutes later, we entered the Yorkshire Terrier pub – no Lynx. Relieved, I ordered a Ghost Ale and water for Bud.


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