Oh. My. Dog! #17

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Bud and I met Mr Cairns in the hallway. He was exhausted, just nodding goodbye. Resting seemed like a good idea.

A gentle tapping on my shoulder stirred me from my sleep. I turned and squinted. Bud! He ran to the door. I got up, let him out. Still dazed, I started brushing my teeth. Bud reappeared, carrying a note: “Breakfast at 8.”

Mr Cairns’ spirits had lifted – the prospect of coffee and giving us an update on the case seemingly worked.

The poor girl had provided only a vague description. One of the men was tall, scraggy, wore brown clothes.

I frowned, Bud put his paw on my knee, reminding me of our vision, the reason why Trish had bolted from The Yorkshire Terrier pub.

Mr Cairns, we were at The Yorkshire Terrier pub, having a vision of a girl running away because she’d seen a brown clad scraggy guy!”

This is incredible! We need to bring her in for an interview. What’s her name?”

Trish. She lives in Grape Lane, green door with a brass lion.”

I’ll send someone over to get her. It’s a pity that you don’t know her family name.”

  1. Janice Wald says:

    Cool stories about Bud. We love dogs in my family.
    I’m Janice. I’m glad you liked my article at Chris’s site about how to connect Twitter and your website.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Janice!
      Thank you very much for the praise. Bud appeared in a dream and I knew that I had to write about him.
      Your blog post at Chris’s site is great and I started following your blog.

  2. macjam47 says:

    I enjoy these so much. Keep them coming.

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