Oh. My. Dog! #12

Posted: May 10, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Somehow this abduction didn’t feel right. Bud jumped up and went to the door, providing the opportunity to leave without further ado. Mrs. Cairns waved goodbye, already filling the dishwasher.
We went home, I changed, checked my bicycle, headed for the door. “Let’s check the university!”

It was a nice ride and we arrived in less than fifteen minutes. York was pleasant, there were lots of tourists, there was an enjoyable buzz around us. Thinking about my overly careful mother, I couldn’t help grinning. On the other hand – I wouldn’t have met Bud.

After checking the premises – first lectures were due two days later – we were on our way to the river Ouse. A stick was drifting in the water and Bud jumped right in. Retrieving the stick was a piece of cake. A minute later he proudly brought me his catch. Luckily he did not roll in the mud, he shook the water out, spraying me with river water. The tourists on the passing boat applauded, I smiled in return, caressing Bud’s ears.

We continued our way through some minor streets. Passing through Stonegate, Bud stopped in front of The Yorkshire Terrier pub. “They should be inclined to serve you some water, Bud.”


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