Oh. My. Dog! #11

Posted: May 3, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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A crowd hat gathered outside the area cordoned off by the policemen. I wanted to leave the premises, couldn’t decide which direction was best. Bud nudged my hand and started moving. One of Mr. Cairns men waved us through. We crossed the park at a light jog, leaving it at a familar looking roundabout. I confidently followed Bud, knowing he’d lead us straight ‘home’.

Mrs. Cairns had apparently been lying in wait for us. She signalled for us to come into the house; she seemed flustered.

“All these sirens! Is everything all right? That girl, is she…?”

“She is alive, if perhaps a little hypothermic. She should be at the hospital by now.”

Mrs. Cairns sat down heavily, her hands still trembling. I got her a glass of water. She gratefully accepted it, asking why we had left in such a rush.

I sat down beside her, racking my brain for a right answer. To my relief, Bud laid his paw on my knee for inspiration.

“I’d call it a detective’s intuition, Mrs. Cairns. You husband was following a hunch and it paid off. The girl is alive and he and his staff are doing their utmost to find the culprit.”


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