Oh. My. Dog! #10

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Mr. Cairns doubtfully looked down. “You haven’t got a leash or a rope with you, Ken?” I shook my head and Bud uttered a reproachful bark.

Sirens indicated that the team was getting closer. The girl opened her red-rimmed eyes. “Just one more minute, dear.” Mr. Cairns smiled reassuringly.

“Good morning, DCI Cairns!” His boss greeted him formally, raising his eyebrows. “And this is…?”

“This is Kenneth Winters. We are subletting the flat. I was showing him and Bud around when I heard something below.”

The night’s drizzle had ruined possible clues, and the rescue team had secured the girl on a stretcher. Suffering from hypothermia and running the risk of pneumonia, she was hastily transported to the hospital.

Mr. Cairns and his team were discussing the case, Bud and I felt expendable. As if on cue, my landlord looked up and came over to us. “Thank you!”

Having found the girl alive had a rejuvenating effect on him. I could tell that he was keen on getting back to his colleagues. “Don’t mention it, DCI Cairns.”

He shook his head. “No DCI for you, Ken. My wife and I are happy to have you both living with us.”


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