Oh. My. Dog! #9

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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Mr. Cairns got up hastily, mumbling something that could be interpreted as “Thank you for this lovely breakfast, dearest.” I shot up with an apologetic smile, “Thank you, Mrs. Cairns!”

Several seconds later, Bud and I caught sight of Mr. Cairns, he was already in his car, clearly wanting us to hurry.

“This needs to stay between us,” he said. “Nobody would believe this. Honestly – last week I wouldn’t have believed this either.”

“Tell me about it. I went to the park yesterday, didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The rivulet seems to be the right one, though.”

“All right, Ken. Let’s pretend I’m showing you around to get to know routes for jogging and biking. I let you out at the nearest park entrance, you follow the rivulet. I drive to the other entrance, walk from there. If the girl’s there, we’ll find her.”

Two minutes later, Bud and I jumped out – following the previous evening’s route at a high pace. Bud pricked his ears and shot towards the tree. Behind it, the ground became pretty muddy. Bud stopped and barked. I rushed over, scanning the dense copse – there she was. Mr. Cairns was advancing down the slope, summoning his team.


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