Oh. My. Dog! #6

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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My parents left after coffee. The Cairns and I kept on chatting for an hour, then I excused myself to start unpacking. Before I left, they invited me for breakfast.

Bud and I ambled over to our door. It didn’t take long to stow away my stuff. The laptop found its place on the kitchen table. I loved to check the news while having my coffee. Bud had already adapted to my morning routine: stumbling out of bed, stretching, brushing my teeth, heading out for a jog, returning, taking a shower, switching on the coffee machine, gulping down at least two mugs while checking the news.

I grabbed a bottle of water and booted my laptop. Bud sighed and laid his paw on my knee. I had the fleeting impression of Bud gulping down his food. A glimpse at my watch confirmed it to be canine dinner time. “Sorry, Bud!” I jumped up and opened a tin. His bowl was licked clean within a minute.

Instead of reading the news, I decided on taking a walk. “Come on, Bud. Let’s check out our new environment.” Bud wagged his tail and produced one of his silent barks.

It was a nice neighbourhood, just minutes away from a beautiful park.


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