Oh. My. Dog! #4

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Flash Fiction, Oh. My. Dog!
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My heart beat faster as I lifted the phone to my ear. Mrs. Cairns congratulated me on our new accommodation in York.

“Bud, we’re moving to York!”

Bud answered with one of his silent barks. Mrs. Dorning had told us not to worry. He could bark normally if he wanted to be heard – most of the times he didn’t. My parents were glad that Bud was ‘so well behaved’.

I went to the living room. Mother’s guests had already left. I followed the noise of cutlery and dishes and met my father in the kitchen. He had his usual fight with the dishwasher and I hurried to help him. I was about to tell him about the flat when my mother rushed into the kitchen, bent and caressed Bud’s ears. “Good boy!”

My father grinned. It was typical for his wife to worry about the state of the flowerbed. Apparently her inspection had been satisfying.

“I found us a flat! Mr. and Mrs. Cairns expect us in three weeks.”

My mother suddenly looked defeated. Bud nudged her hand and whimpered softly. My mother wiped her tears away and managed a smile. “He’ll be taking good care of you, Kenneth.”


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