FF: Neighbors! #48

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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“Vegas is not that far from here,” Steve mused.

“Dumb and Dumber lost fake Bobbi between here and Vegas.” Tony shook his head in dismay.

Lisa raised a brow. “You mean Hobbs and Archer, I suppose. This wasn’t professional at all.”

“Doesn’t ‘Vegas Chuck’ owe us a favor, Tony? Send him fake Bobbi’s mug shot – and O-wen’s as well. Someone at that hotel should remember one of them.”

“On it, Jim!”

“What did you find out about the blown up trailer. Is there something to work on, Lisa?”

“They used gasoline, a candle and – patience. It was bad luck that John approached the trailer as the gas tank exploded. The gooey substance found on the debris consisted of stage make-up remnants. And there was a monkey hair on John’s jacket.”

“Fake Bobbi or O-wen. My gut feeling tells me it was O-wen. This so-called mug shot yells stage make-up.” The others agreed with me.

Dear readers,

Lisa is the main character in C. S. Boyack’s ‘Wild Concept’. She’s a robot who helps Craig Boyack around the writing cabin these days.

To learn more about versatile author Craig, awesome automation Lisa Burton and the writing cabin, please check out his blog “Entertaining Stories” and my review on ‘Wild Concept’:



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    Sounds like they’re on the trail of O-wen over at In a Small Compass.

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