FF: Neighbors! #40

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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After the guard had left, Tony and I decided to call it a day.

Dialing Steve’s mobile, I walked to my car. “Hi, what about a sunset on the rocks?”

Steve agreed and I stopped at a liquor store for a six-pack.

20 minutes later we sat on some rocks, watching the sunset – something we hadn’t done since Kayla had left.

“What have you been up to, lately?” I had the feeling I had utterly neglected my friend for a while.

As it turned out, Steve had went out with Corinne, second in command at the library. “Just some coffee, we went to the movies, once. What about you and Trudy?”

I almost choked on my beer. “Trudy?”

“Well, she’s always giving you the eye.”

I quickly changed the subject. “We’re getting support. Come in the afternoon, will ya? We’re having an emergency meeting to adapt our strategy and get some results.”

Steve agreed. We headed back to Whitelyn.


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