FF: Neighbors! #37

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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‘Trousers and stilettos.’ This meant that both were there – O-wen and fake Bobbi. I doubted this made much sense.

There were no further traces and we headed back to the station.

Tony waited in front, beaming. “Good news!” Handing me a huge latte macchiato, he told me that John was on the mend. “They let me in for a minute. He’s still weak, not allowed to talk, yet.”

We went inside.

I scanned my messages. The one by Phil was promising – he had sent the promised sample of the gooey substance from the factory to John’s assistant.

“Jim, I just received the Graynor report. It was arson. They apprehended two boys, 16 and 17. They already confessed. It was their revenge for being thrown out before. Apparently they had flirted a little too much with a 14-year-old…”

At least not a cover-up.

I frowned. “Tony, we need to question the factory guard ASAP.”

“On my way, boss!”

  1. mihrank says:

    another great story to learn from!

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