FF: Neighbors! #34

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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Why couldn’t Kayla for once pick up her phone? No, that was unfair. She was busy – called always back in due course.

A message from Tony flashed on my screen: Diner in Graynor burned to ashes – yesterday morning.

Someone is covering their tracks. Is it O-wen for himself and the fake Bobbi – or is she the one destroying all evidence?

I felt a headache coming. My best cure is to leave the building, go to the café and get their largest latte macchiato. That’s what I did.

The fresh air cleared my brain. I could smile again meeting Toothless Eddie in front of the café. I ordered my beverage and a smaller latte for Eddie, handing it over on my way out. “Have a good one, Eddie!”

My phone played “Lost in France”.

“Hi sis, how are ya?”

“I’m fine, Jim. What’s the matter?”

“The Cannes Film Festival. I need to talk to Bobbi.”

“Who’s Bobbi?”

  1. vraie says:

    Vim agradecer a visita, Karen.
    Um mês de outubro cheio de alegria e felicidade.

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