FF: Neighbors! #32

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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“This phone was half hidden in the underbrush near the backdoor of the factory. It is still working; whoever had it was inside, is most probably hurt.”

“Are there any further clues?”

“The perpetrator knows how to set something alight effectively. This arsonist didn’t do it for the first time, Jim.”

“This is a nightmare. We’ve got a blown up trailer, a burned down factory, and no clues! At least not yet.”

Phil knitted his brow. “Seems like someone is trying pretty hard to destroy any possible evidence. At least no one was seriously hurt today.”

“What about the guard – why didn’t he call in sooner?”

“The poor guy had a headache, took a pill – and was out cold for half an hour. When he came to, part of the factory was ablaze.”

Intuition struck me. “Was he poisoned?”

Phil’s eyes grew big. His phone rang. He answered, listened, and slumped in his chair.


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