FF: Neighbors! #28

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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The phone was answered. Instead of a welcoming voice, there was static, followed by a deep voice, hardly understandable due to the sirens in the background. “This is fire inspector Richards. Please identify yourself.”

Steve looked as if he’d seen a ghost and disconnected. “The fire at the shoe factory, apparently. This is not possible,” I said hoarsely. “This can’t be happening. Why does every possible clue vanish into thin air?”

“This is a bad joke.” Steve jumped up, sprinted to the door, unlocked it with some difficulty, and was gone.

I checked the machine. It hadn’t registered anything at all. I just sat there for several minutes, then I pushed myself up and left the room. As I trudged back to my desk, Tony ran into me. “Jim, this is incredible – look!” He waved some photographs in my face.

“Stop it, Tony. Not so fast!”

“Don’t be so cranky, Jim. There’s a cure for caffeine deprivation.”


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