FF: Neighbors! #26

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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We returned to the station. The dispatch officer barked some orders into his phone, then slammed the receiver down. “A fire at the shoe factory. It doesn’t look good,” he stated tiredly.

“The lab is empty, is it?”

He nodded.

Steve and I went to my desk.I pulled the evidence bag with the card out of my pocket. I read the number, dialing simultaneously. “Stop!”

“What is it, Steve?”

“You got the number wrong, Jim!”

“No, it was right!”


I handed Steve a sheet from my notepad, “Write it down, please.”

He lifted an eyebrow and started writing. So did I.

We compared the numbers – the last digit was different.

Weird. I suddenly remembered the fleeting impression when collecting the card. I jumped up, evidence bag and an empty sheet in hand, and hurried over to dispatch. Please copy this number to this sheet. He did as instructed.

The last two digits were different.


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