FF: Neighbors! #25

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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Hundreds of ideas swirled in my mind. It was good that I could more or less switch to autopilot mode and just follow Tony. I was high on adrenaline and started grilling Steve for information.

“What about that card?”

“It reads ‘Call me’ on the front. On the back, there is only a phone number – it funnily ends with my birth year. That’s all. It seemed pretty weird.”

“And you are sure about O-wen’s voice?”

“It didn’t seem like a recording. It was as if he was inside my brain. This is when I decided to stop drinking and – smoking.”

I believed him. Some minutes later I pulled up in front of ‘our’ house, we hurried inside where I carefully maneuvered the card into an evidence bag – for once I was prepared. I had the fleeting impression of something odd, shook my head, and told Steve I needed him at the station.


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