FF: Neighbors! #19

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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She enthused over Steve for minutes, then I managed to excuse myself. Steve had heard our landlady’s monologue and opened his door. “Hi neighbor! Come on in!”

I followed his invitation. The kitchen table was set for two. The pasta was delicious, as was the salad. I had nearly forgotten that he cooked when he and Kayla were still together. His favorite beverage – ginger, lime, and mint water – was as refreshing as I remembered.

We had coffee, inevitably talking about ‘our’ case. Steve listened intently.

“Hobbs and Archer lost Bobbi, Tony went out to find clues which might never have existed, and John rushes out without a trace?”

I nodded glumly and changed the subject.

“What did you do, besides pampering our landlady, buying groceries, and cooking?”

“I found a part-time job at the truck farm – minding the office from nine to one.”

“Congrats, Steve! I’m glad!”

It was late, and I went home.

  1. She enthused over Steve for minutes….Great line, Karen

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