FF: Neighbors! #18

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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I put the phone down, feeling drained.

“Boss,” Tony still eyed the map. “I’ll drive out there with an evidence kit. This is unbearable.”

I looked at him. He was definitely the team member to find something relevant if it was there. I had a hunch that he needed this task.

“All right Tony. Make sure to be connected to the network.”

“Will do, Jim. Thanks!”

I went to see John at the lab. “He’s out!” His assistant didn’t know more. Apparently he had jumped up, shed his lab coat, and rushed out.


Back at my desk, I checked our task force’s roster. Hobbs and Archer had three days of traffic duty ahead. They had to cover for two colleagues who had to attend their yearly training. My team would be two heads short for three days.

With nothing left to do, I went home.

My landlady, Celina Hogg waited in the hallway, “Thank you, Sheriff Jim”!


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