FF: Neighbors! #15

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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There were several possibilities to get Steve a job. I wrote them on a list for later reference.


I looked up. Tony’s eyes were downcast. “They lost her about fifty miles from here. I sent out an alert.”

This was incredible: First, an alleged alien is picked up by a helicopter for all we know – or beamed up to a spaceship. Then, his contractor, a stunning woman appears after searching for her failed. Next thing we know – she vanishes into thin air.

“Tell them to report to me ASAP, Tony!”

I couldn’t focus; a major headache was spreading. I got up to get some fresh water, and take a pill to ease the pain. Thankfully the painkiller helped within minutes. My cell rang. Celia Hogg thanked me for her new tenant, raving about Steve’s excellent manners. I smiled when we disconnected.

Back at my desk, I saw two patrolmen approaching.

“Hobbs, Archer! What’s going on?!”

  1. You always leave us hanging. 🙂

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