FF: Neighbors! #10

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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It took Steve less than a minute to pick up what still mattered to him. Locking the door he realized it was the for the last time. He stowed his trolley in the trunk and hesitated. Then he scribbled “I’m in Whitelyn” on a sheet, tore it from his notepad, went over to the mailboxes and put it inside O-Y’s mailbox.

Feeling better, he returned to his car and turned the key in the ignition. He didn’t look back.

Halfway to Whitelyn, he ran out of gas. “Oh no!”

Steve got out of the car, collected his trolley from the trunk, not bothering about the key in the ignition.

He set off. According to the dust plumes, a car was approaching fast. Seconds later, a golden Mercedes cabriolet screeched to a halt beside him.

“What are you doing in the middle of nowhere – out here in the midday sun?” The voice was husky, sending shivers down his spine.


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