FF: Neighbors! #5

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Flash Fiction, Neighbors!
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“Have you all gone mad? A toon – Roger Rabbit’s Dolores?”

Shocked silence followed my explosion.

“Go ahead, Tony. DO IT!”

Tony and Steve withdrew to Tony’s desk.

“Breathe,” I told myself. I closed my eyes and counted down from ten. Halfway through, I smelled coffee.

“Hi Jim, you seem to need one…” – It was John. He handed me a mug, sat down and waved with some sheets.

I sipped from the mug, deeply inhaling the delicious scent.

“Good news, I hope.”

John frowned.


“The paper is standard, can be bought in any shop. The DNA on it is neither human nor animal. There are a few parallels to humans, though. The handwriting is that of someone who isn’t used to writing with their hands. Spelling is correct. The printed stuff isn’t in the system.”

“Don’t tell me it’s alien, John!”

John shrugged, then he got up and strode away.



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