Eerie Afternoon

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Fantasy, Magic
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Image courtesy of pakorn at

Image courtesy of pakorn at

That afternoon, Cara sat at the desk in her study, preparing for an upcoming test. Suddenly the sky darkened. Angry clouds gathered, swelling by the minute. It wasn’t like any other cloudy sky she had ever seen. Cara stared incredulously at the growing wall of leaden clouds. The clock struck three. An ear-piercing thunder rolled and a neon white lightning split the sky. The clouds unloaded snow. The snow came down as a white steady curtain of icy crystals.

It seemed as if the normal world had ceased to exist. There was still her room around her; on the outside, there was only white, whirling snow, constantly accompanied by rolling thunder and lightning. The telephone lines did no longer work. Cara felt more and more isolated. Why had Thor just now have to be at a meeting far away! Nerves on edge, she watched as the fence slowly disappeared below a thick layer of snow. At three o’clock in the morning, the snow and/or thunderstorm stopped – as out of the blue as it had begun.

Cara stood up shakily, went to the kitchen to help herself to some water and cookies. ‘This is crazy!’ The world outside had transformed into a winter wonderland. She asked herself, why she hadn’t gone to the coffee shop as usual – at least she wouldn’t have had to face this incredibly eerie thunderstorm alone. Cara was utterly exhausted. She went to bed and astonishingly slept like a log. When she woke up at noon, the sun was shining brightly, drawing beautiful golden patterns in the snow.

The Wolf Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev  at

The Wolf
Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev at

When Thor returned from his trip, he wasn’t half as surprised as Cara had expected. “Didn’t you know? This happens always on the 16th of December. The storm starts at three in the afternoon and lasts exactly twelve hours. This is the beginning of Winter’s Wolfdom!”

“Winter’s what?!”

“Wolfdom. The reign of the white wolf lasts exactly 88 days. He protects our region from all evil.”

“Where does he come from?”

“He lives in a well hidden mountain cave. The storm is the beginning of his reign.”

“And why didn’t you tell me?!”

“You have been here for a while. You study, I guess we all thought you already knew. The Big White Wolf is our guardian. We respect him, take care of his territory throughout the rest of the year.”

“I like wolves!” Cara liked this strange outcome far better than this weird afternoon storm. She had just one last question…

“How does Winter’s Wolfdom end? Also with a thunderstorm?!”

Thor smiled. “The Big White Wolf retreats to his cave and – the snow starts to melt…”


I dedicate this story to my friend Bisky. Thank you, Bisky! Your ‘Eerie clouds’ tweet from 2013-12-16 inspired me to write this story.



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