I’m Into Something Good

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Love, Magic
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Ferris_wheelOne of these cloudy Saturday afternoons, Louise sat at her desk, listening to one of her favourite web radio channels.  KYA is truly one of the best, she thought.  During the commercials she pondered which song she would really like to hear next.  This time, it was definitely Herman’s Hermits“I’m Into Something Good’.  The next song started as her husband Martin returned from the kitchen and – it was I’m Into Something Good.  “That’s exactly what I hoped to listen to right now!” Louise exclaimed.  Martin smiled.  Similar – and harmless – stuff like this happened rather frequently.  Louise undeniably had certain superstitious tendencies.  At least, she did not believe in fortune tellers.  To get from A to B she usually let her head decide which route to take.  If she felt a headache on the right she would go left or keep straight on.  If the slight headache was on the left, she would keep straight on or turn right – in order to reach her destination safely and/or less harmful.  She used to explain it like this:  “If I did not listen to my head – I ended up meeting less favourite colleagues and being forced to enduring silly small-talk.  I did not listen to my head one evening after the office and was stuck in a traffic jam.”  If something bad happened when following her head’s ‘directions’, the other route would have been even worse.  Think whatever you want about superstitions, this catchy tune is truly cheering and always welcome.

That evening, their daughter Gina called.  “Can any of you guys give me a lift to Tamara’s house?  I will be going to take a cab back home.”  As Martin had some errands to run, Louise drove over to her daughter’s place.  “Good golly!” Gina exclaimed.  “You are really on time!”  She got in and Louise put the car in gear.  Soon, Gina started complaining.  “Keep straight on!  I don’t want to be late!”  Louise stayed on her selected route.  “I know the way to Tamara’s.  No need to worry, Gina.”  It wouldn’t have helped to explain Gina, that Louise listened to her ‘headaches’.  Of course they reached their destination on time.  Gina hugged her mother, jumped out of the car and hastened to the entrance.  She briefly turned around and waved.  Louise drove off, this time taking a different route home.

Half an hour later the phone rang.  Martin picked up on the third ring.  “Is mama there, is she all right?  I apologize for my complaining!”  Martin drew a blank and put Gina on speaker.  “What’s the matter, darling?” – “We just listened to the local news.  A major accident occurred on the route I wanted mama to take.  At the construction site on that bridge, a lorry hit the barrier, skidded into a bus and rammed several cars.  The bridge is closed, police cars, fire engines, and ambulances are on either side.  At least one of the involved persons is dead!  Mama, please forgive for being so impatient!” – “No need to apologize, Gina.  I wasn’t mad at you.  Off you go – enjoy the party!”  They rang off.

On Sunday morning, on their way to the flea market, Martin asked Louise which route to take.  “Turn left, please.”  After driving for a while, the crossed the alternative route and saw a traffic jam.  Sometimes these so-called headaches do come in handy, Martin reflected.  As they arrived the parking lot was pretty full.  The sun had come out again.  Thanks to a light breeze it was pleasant to mingle with the crowd and wander up and down the rows of stands.  Martin took his time inspecting all the stands had to offer, tools received a quick glance and were easily dismissed; books were checked more thoroughly.  Louise preferred quicker glances.  She could identify interesting stuff intuitively.  Her favourite find was a Bob Ross’ style drawing which was given a special spot in the hallway.  This Sunday they got some spices, two books, a pair of sunglasses, and a smart phone cover.  They had been less successful, than that.  On their way back they decided to celebrate their finds in a café.  Each of them ordered a latte macchiato.  Louise was thrilled about her raspberry lime cake and Martin revelled in his creamy puff.

As they continued their drive home they discussed what they had seen at the flea market.  Both agreed that there were often too many professional sellers around.  Often they saw the same stands at the different flea markets in the region.  Some goods were actually reduced after a few weeks and could then be considered worth buying.  One of the books Martin had bought was about coffee.  It contained facts and figures, coffee and cake recipes.  “Tell me your favourite recipe and I will bake you the cake.” Martin promised.  Louise beamed.

In the evening they went out for a walk at the canal.  It was luckily not as hot as the week before.  Some boats passed them in either direction; the occasional cyclist went by.  “Life’s good.” Martin said and gently squeezed Louise’s hand.  They walked home hand in hand.

For Monday evening they had agreed to meet at the Volksfest.  As usual it was pretty crowded.  As he knew that Louise had difficulty locating anyone in a large crowd, Martin decided to call Louise and help her find him in the masses.  No two seconds later he heard I’m Into Something Good to his right.  There she was, grinning mischievously.  “I made it on my own, for once!”  They strolled around, buying cotton candy and jelly bears.  Pausing at a try-your-luck stall, they realised that they were still not lucky.  “Can’t you at least once grab the right lot?” Martin asked jokingly.  At another stall, it was the visitors’ task to guess the weight of different items.  When it was Louise’s turn, she had to guess the weight of a pumpkin.  She stared at it for several seconds and then stated: “15.2 kilograms.”  The carny was thunderstruck.  “This lady is absolutely right!”  He handed her a gigantic stuffed toy elk.  “How are we going to get this toy elk in our car?!  And how did you get this pumpkin’s weight right?”  Louise winked, “I just saw this figure.” – “Why am I not surprised…”  The toy elk got heavier by the minute.  When they met a really sad-looking little girl with her parents – they decided to give her the enormous toy elk.  She was overjoyed, her parents were touched.  Martin and Louise continued their stroll light-heartedly and finally queued for the Ferris Wheel.  Nocturnal Nuremberg from above was nice.  Their eyes met.  “Damn, we’re really into something good!” Martin stated.  And then he kissed Louise.


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