The Shadow

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Magic
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After another of these seemingly never ending Mondays spent first at the University of East London and then as cashier in a supermarket, Jenny walked down King Street.  A slight drizzle had set in.  The road was deserted.  Despite nearly moving on autopilot she noticed…  a shadow (?!) hurrying past.  A hooded guy jumped into her path, a pocket knife in his hand.  Before Jenny could react, the guy gasped, turned around and – ran away.  Now, that was weird.  Jenny resumed her way.  Five minutes later she arrived at her front door.  On the staircase she once again had the impression of a shadow rushing past.  “I am too exhausted.  My brain is already playing tricks on me.”

She unlocked the door to the flat she shared with her friend Matt.  Apart from some flyers the table near the entrance was empty.  No bills, for once.  She took off her shoes, hung her bag and her jacket on the coat rack, then went to the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of mineral water.  In the bathroom she removed her make-up and brushed her teeth, gargled with mineral water.  Back in her room she fell onto her bed and was lost to the world.

When the alarm went she got up without delay.  Taking a shower and then having a nice breakfast with Matt was always something to be looking forward to.  After the shower she quickly dressed and went to the kitchen.  The coffee maker was already providing its delicious brew.  Matt came in, carrying the newspaper and a bag of fresh cinnamon rolls.  “Morning, Jen.  Hope, you didn’t cut yourself, last night!”  Jenny drew a blank.  “The guys next door apologized for the broken window.  The shards were spread in front of our flat – and there was blood.  It must have happened at about 10:00 pm.”  Jenny shook her head.  “I was home at about 10:40 pm.  It was dark, and I didn’t step into shards, and logically didn’t cut myself.”  Matt poured the coffee into their mugs.  Both spread salted butter on their cinnamon rolls and shared the paper in the usual way:  Matt started at the beginning, Jenny at the end.  As they always read the most interesting stuff out loud, they saved lots of time, having to read only one half of the newspaper.

At 9:30 am. it was time to leave.  Jenny needed to catch her bus, Matt needed to open the book store in 139B.

At lunch time, Jenny decided on having a quick sandwich in the cafeteria.  She sat down at a small table at one of the windows facing the playground.  Sipping some water and nibbling on her sandwich as she was not really that hungry, she tried to concentrate on her notes for the lesson to come.  A small shadow fell on her notebook and – the window nearest to the neighbouring table shattered, having been hit by a baseball.  Luckily, the neighbouring table had been vacant.  It was now covered by lots of shards.  Jenny was feeling nauseous.  One of her fellow students shook her.  “Jen, are you all right?!”  She had a lump in her throat.  Not being able to speak, she just nodded.  The following lessons passed in a blur.  She didn’t get anything at all.  She was glad when the lessons were over and hurried out to catch the bus.  She was tense, yet automatically got out at the right stop.  She decided to walk along the Thames, perhaps settle down on a bench for a while.  The walk alongside the river was not as soothing as she had hoped.  She went home.

She was halfway up to the flat when Matt threw open the door and rushed to meet her.  He hugged her tightly and she could see the concern in his eyes.  “Come on up, hurry!”  In the kitchen he put her favourite mug in front of her, the coffee steaming hot and aromatic – and comforting.  “Deborah called several times.  She couldn’t reach you, your mobile seemed switched off…”  Deborah, her fellow student who wanted to know if she was all right after the window burst.  Apparently she had informed Matt about the incident.  She sighed.  “What is it?  It is unusual for you to be so edgy.” Matt stated gently.  Jenny decided to tell him about the shadows she had seen as well as the following incidents.

After she had finished her story, Matt remained silent for several minutes.  He looked at her and smiled.  “It seems like you’ve got yourself a guardian angel.”  Jenny pouted.  “Don’t mock me, Matt!”  Matt shook his head.  “No, I don’t.  Not in the least.  Perhaps I need to tell you a story my great grandfather used to tell me when I was little:  If someone is killed, his or her soul stays on earth until the crime and/or incident is solved.  The respective soul does not linger without a purpose.  It searches for someone worthy and in need of protection.  Many people do not even know about their guardian angel.  They have lost the ability to see beyond the visible.  And just now, a soul deemed you worthy of its protection and – will stay with you until it is released.  This soul has protected you from the nocturnal assault, the glass shards in front of our door, and the broken window in the cafeteria.  Please do not fear.”  Jenny was dumbfounded:  guardian angels, souls, London, Jenny?!  “This is a lot to take, I know.”  Matt hugged her.  “Did you ever have a guardian angel, Matt?” – “Absolutely.  Several times.” – Matt stood up.  “I will leave you to your thoughts, now.  I have to do some research for the book store.”  Jenny didn’t mind.  She felt relieved.  She rang Deborah and thanked her.  And most important of all: she would never again be afraid of a shadow.


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